DPE: Publications


Newsletter Issue 3

DPE are proud to release the third annual DPE newsletter. This newsletter provides a clear overview of our activities an achievements of the last twelve months and areas in which individuals can become involved. This newsletter also includes information on four new projects in the Digital Preservation field, SHAMAN, Protage, LiWA and TextGrid.

Open the Newsletter [PDF, 2.4 MB], Published 10th November 2008

Newsletter Issue 2

The second DPE Newsletter provides a detailed overview of all aspects of DPE activities and ways that individuals and organisations can become involved.

Open the Newsletter [PDF, 1.53 MB], Published 3rd October 2007

Newsletter Issue 1

This first newsletter provides a handy overview of our activities and how organisations and individuals can get involved in our work.

Open the Newsletter [PDF, 3.875 MB], Published 8th December 2006

Newsletters 1 and 2 in Italian

Italian language version of Newsletters 1 and 2.

Open the Newsletters [PDF, 926 KB], Published 22nd January 2008

The European Quarterly Preservation Digest

The European Quarterly Preservation Digest provides a state of the art view of current European activities in the field of digital preservation

Open the bulletin [PDF, 213 KB], Published 31st March 2008