DPE: Repository: St Albans psalter, Historic Collections, University of Aberdeen

St Albans psalter, Historic Collections, University of Aberdeen

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Name: St Albans psalter
Institution: Historic Collections, University of Aberdeen
Kings College, Old Aberdeen AB24 3SW
URL: http://www.abdn.ac.uk/stalbanspsalter/english/index.shtml
Country: The United Kingdom

The St Albans Psalter website makes available online a digital version of the medieval St Albans Psalter, with the additions of transcription, translation and commentary. The St Albans Psalter is an illuminated manuscript created in the 12th Century for Christina of Markyate, an anchoress at St Albans. The essays on the site provide details on subjects such as Christina of Markyate and the Abbot Geoffrey de Gorham, iconography, codicology, the Alexis Master and the other artists, the scribes, miniatures, and the calendar. The book itself can be browsed by page, either with commentary, or with translation. The reproduction quality of the pages is very high, and it is a very impressive website. Is part of - National Library of Scotland


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